A Lebanese based company, with several divisions, all in the construction and projects’ field. After over 5 decades of business and reputation, RIF Trading continues with its 3rd generation, under an independent new structured company RIF Design.

All Types of Waterproofing Systems: 
  • Bitumen membrane SBS & APP
  • Bitumen coating (Rubberized, Solvent Base and Water Base)
  • Polyurethane coating for wet areas, roofs waterproofing & areas
  • Cement based polymer modified products for swimming pools and water tanks
  • Acrylic based materials for roofs waterproofing

Car Parks and Commercial Flooring Systems:
  • All flooring works for applying epoxy or Polyurethane coats systems
  • All flooring works for applying self-leveling epoxy or Polyurethane systems
  • Grout Self-leveling Cement-base
Grouts & Concrete Repair Systems:
  • Cement base grout
  • Epoxy grout
  • Non shrinkage grout