SCCM is a leading company in the field of Chemical Building Materials.
The factory has started during 2007, and by 2009 production and sales was supplying many projects, local and regional, using German Raw Materials from WACKER.

Established in 1732, Sigma Paints is recognized as one of the leading forces in the Decorative, Marine and Protective market segment in the Middle East's paints and coatings industry. Maintaining a heritage of commitment to quality and endless innovation, today Sigma is a reference point in paints and is viewed as the favored coating company in the Middle East.

Sigmakalon was the second largest coatings manufacturer in Europe employing over 12,000 people across 50 countries with an annual turnover of US$2.8 billion. In January 2008, PPG Industries (NYSE: PPG), a US based global supplier of coatings, chemicals, glass and fiber glass and equity affiliates and operating in more than 60 countries worldwide, acquired SigmaKalon. PPG Industries has an annual turnover of US$14 billion.

Construction Material Chemical Industries (CMCI) is a leading manufacturer of a full range of construction chemicals to service the continuously expanding construction market in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and the Middle East. Since its foundation in 1984, the Company quickly progressed and became recognized as a manufacturer of High Quality Construction Chemicals offering clients a complete array of products like new-generation Concrete Admixtures, High Performance Waterproofing Systems, Superior Epoxy Mortars, adhesives and coating, advanced grouting systems for machineries and equipments, Specialized Protective Coatings, Floorings and Toppings, High-Quality Joint Sealants, complete concrete repair systems and a wide range of finishing products.

Over the past 26 years, CMCI has supplied over 300,000 tons of construction chemicals to over 3,000 prestigious projects throughout Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and the Middle East.

To meet the stringent international standards of the construction industry, CMCI operates state-of-the-art testing equipments and production machineries. The Quality Assurance Department works to ensure high standards of quality is maintained from raw material preparation to packing of the finished products. For its continuous upholding of quality, CMCI has been awarded the ISO 9001-2000 standard certificate by Bureau Veritas Certification. The Company employs a team of chemists, chemical engineers and civil engineers to continuously improve on products and to formulate new materials that will meet the requirements of the harsh Middle East environmental conditions. CMCI has qualified and experienced technical personnel who work closely with consultants, contractors and applicators to assist in the selection of the right product for the right job, and to provide full technical support during product application.